Saturday, July 16, 2011

Party Day in London For Najib & Rosmah in video

The demonstration took place on 15 July 2011 at a small road divider/pavement in front of Intercontinental Hotel near Hyde Park Corner. It began from 6.45pm until slightly past 8pm. One of our objectives was to create awareness for the arriving guests of the event Najib & Rosmah were attending.

Leaders took turn to lead the chant and we shouted even louder when we realized Najib had just arrived. He escaped from facing us and from being seen because we were embarrassing him with our chants like, " Shame, shame, shame on you, Najib!"
The Best Video of the year (Click here)

This is what police should have been done in previous BERSIH's rally - CONTROLLING, not PUNISHING!! I bet that this "welcome party" also don't have permit from UK's government.

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