Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Family watches World Cup final

First Family watches World Cup final
The White House released this photo of the First Family watching the women's World Cup final on Sunday in the Treaty Room office in the White House residence. - Photo: Pete Souza/White House

Japan's players celebrate with the World Cup trophy after defeating the USA in the final match on Sunday.
By Patrik Stollarz, AFP/Getty Images

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Siti Rokiah Siwok said...

From one perspective, I pity them as even in their private time they ( the so called First Family) they are being watched and observed. From another perspective, what is so important about them that even when they watch the soccer final between USA and Japan we have to take heed ? In fact USA is a modern day terrorist in many ways and Obama ( during his pre presidency was seen as if the "saviour" and "hope of the world") in fact fall into similar trends, like the other USA presidents, just as the buzibody.... only in different styles.

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