Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to protect your votes from being traced?

The seven-minute clip posted on YouTube is produced by a group of activists to educate Malaysian voters on how to ensure the confidentiality of their votes.
The easy-to-understand clip begins with a setting at a polling centre, showing voting officers illegally marking a voters list, ballot papers and counter forms to trace selected voters.

The viewer is then told that such an action should be reported to the polling centre representatives appointed by the candidates as well as the Election Commission officer stationed at the centre.

The clip also tells what to do if one suspects that someone had misused one's identity to vote earlier, and explained that ballot papers are retained for six months for candidates to review the ballots, after which period they will be destroyed.

The video aims to quell worries by some Malaysians that their ballot papers are not confidential as claimed, leading to many of them choosing Barisan Nasional candidates for fear of being traced.

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